Less sugar without compromise

New solution enhances taste, creaminess in dairy while reducing sugar by up to 50%

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the sugar level in dairy products. But while they want to avoid sugar, they won’t compromise on taste and sweetness. Instead, they attempt to reduce their intake in natural ways rather than with artificial sweeteners. And as a result, new solutions claiming sugar reduction are growing significantly.
Meanwhile, the World Health Organization recommends reducing the amount of sugar consumed in all age groups. Specifically, the proportion of sugar in children’s and adults’ diets should be limited to a maximum of 10% of total energy. With the trends of health and well-being shaping consumer preferences, dairy brands are tasked with finding natural and health-boosting solutions to significantly reduce sugar in their products. 

Now, there’s good news both for dairies and the health-conscious consumers looking for sugar-reduced dairy products. 

Novozymes dairy experts together with Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned perfume and taste company, have launched their new, jointly developed natural sugar reduction solution called TasteGEM® SWL with Saphera® lactase. This cutting-edge technology brings unique, natural taste performance in dairy products, enabling up to 50% sugar reduction in yogurt and other dairy products without the use of sweeteners. 

So, how does it work? 

This technology unlocks the naturally occurring sweetness of milk and bridges the sensorial gaps that arise when added sugar is removed. TasteGEM® flavor modulation technology, when combined with the unique, high purity, non-yeast lactase Saphera®, delivers taste improvement in low sugar formulas in yogurt and flavored milk. It effectively amplifies sweetness and creaminess and reduces sourness and acidity. With the added benefit of improved digestibility, new TasteGEM® SWL with Saphera® is a welcome tool in the creation of the next generation in healthy dairy.

• Higher level sugar reduction without sweeteners 
• Appealing, natural clean label 
• Minimizes sour/acidic character 
• High purity non-yeast lactase with a clean taste 
• Convenient and cost effective 
• Unique solution 

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