Webinar: An Introduction to Saphera

Why the lactase Saphera is the ideal tool for lactose-free milk production and reducing added sugar in dairy products.

What are the processes used to create low-lactose milk, yogurt and flavored dairy products? What are some factors that dairies should consider, if they aren’t already? And what role does lactase purity play in the resulting products?

Two of Novozymes’ dairy industry experts — technical service representatives Nadine Haussmann and Marieke Vermaas — tackle these questions and many more in this four-module, on-demand webinar. Below you can watch the first two modules. 

For those interested in the more technical, R&D side of low-lactose dairy production, this webinar offers a wealth of insight — from dosing requirements to application information and the impact of enzymes on side activity.


Module 1: Meet Nadine and Marieke and understand the purpose of the webinar



Module 2: Lactose-free milk products and processes, and the benefits of Saphera


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