R&D Lab

With consumers increasingly looking for dairy products low in sugar, fat and lactose, the dairy industry is ripe for innovation. That’s where R&D comes in.

But what solutions currently exist, and what do producers need to consider if they want to offer these healthier products?

Lactase improves production of lactose-free dairy products

The lactase Saphera enables new innovation in lactose-free, fermented dairy products. Originated from Bifidobacterium bifidum, Saphera differs considerably from traditional lactases made from yeast, and is the first, major innovation in this growing industry for years.

With Saphera, the desired lactose level can be more precisely measured and easily reached. This is because less oligosaccharides – carbohydrates – are formed during the reaction compared to yeast lactases, particularly when producing 0.01% lactose-free milk.

Saphera converts lactose in dairy to galactose and glucose. This enables the dairy producer to reduce the amount of added sugars and still achieve the same degree of sweetness in lactose-free dairy products. This offers the dairy producer the opportunity for more attractive product labels with claims of reduced added sugar.